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Getting at Porto S. Giorgio is very easy. You may arrive by trein stopping at the trein station of Porto S. Giorgio which is exactly in the center of the city and two steps from the promanade. Or you might arrive by car through the highway A14 at the exist Porto S. Giorgio or you might arrive by boat and dock at the tourist port or finally you could arrive by plane through the airport of Pescara and then take a trein from there to Porto S. Giorgio.    

This city of a little bit more of 16.000 citizen became a famous tourist destination for many Italians and foreigners because of its Blue Flag beaches, of the entertainment for all tastes from good music, to theater, because of the glamour the entire year and because of the cultural richness  of its surrounding. 

The city has roman origins but it develpes during the middle age as a fortress to defend from the attacks coming from the sea. The  Rocca Tiepolo still testimonies on this period. It was ordered by Lorenzo Tiepolo, at that time podestà of Fermo and then became doge of Venice. This fortress was built in 1267. 

Of great interest is also the Church of Saint George, in a neoclassical style, built in 1830 under the fortress and beside the Clock Tower. This church hosts a polyptich by Carlo Crivelli. 

The Villa Bonaparte was built in 1826 by one of the brothers of General Napoleone Bonaparte, Girolamo. Very interesting are the external decorations made by bassorilievos and alto-rilievos of military trophies. Inside the villa there are important frescos and decorations of the pavements made with mosaic. 

The City Theater of Porto S. Giorgio is one of the historical theaters in the region Marche and hosts an important theater season every year. 

The Tourist Port of Porto S. Giorgio is the largest in the Adriatic Sea with a surface of 140.000 sqm and it can host 856 boats.   

On the promenade, in front of the beach, you can admire different villas in a Art Nouveau style which used to be summer residence for the rich families of this area.   

Porto San Giorgio patron is naturally Saint Gorge and he is celebrated on 23 April. During this period there is a great city market and the tombola which is extracted in the main square. 

Last week of July there is the famous festival of the Adriatic Giant Pan. In a pan large 6 meters and which contains 1000 liters of oil, there is a spectacular frying of tons of shrimps.   

Always in July there is the famous event Pro Loco In Festa where representatives of different Italian cities offer demosntrations of their traditions and gastronomy.  

Of great importance is also the International Festival of Chase that is held in August and where important chase professionals are coming from all over the world. 

The gastronomy of Porto S.Giorgio is another very good reason to come to this city. The fish, locally fished and cooked according to tradition can be tasted in anyone of the many good restaurants of the city. Don’t miss the brodetto di pesce , a tasty and delicious fish soup, or i garagoli, little sea snails cooked with tomatoes. In addition to the fish, you can also taste the regional plate called Vincisgrassi, a sort of lasagne, or typical cakes such as Amandovolo (made of chocolate and almonds), the cicerchiata or the frustingo

Porto S. Giorgio, with its golden beaches, the markets on the promenade, the sport activities, its gastronomy and culture is the ideal place to spend a holiday at any time of the year. Its aliveness is so contagious to give you all the energy you need.  

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