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Levanto is easily reachable thanks to the highway exit on the highway  A12. From the exit to the center of the city it takes just twenty minutes.  

From La Spezia it is possible to reach Levanto by following the Provincial and State roads which are winding roads but much more panoramic and go through the centers of Riccò, Pignone and the village Legnaro.

Levanto also has a trein station on the line which goes from Pisa to La Spezia to Genoa. The trein service is expanded durino summer time with treins that connect Levanto with the towns of Cinque Terre. 

Levanto represents the best solution to visit Cinque Terre by the sea (the most suggestive route), by trein (the most practical) and by walking between land and sea (through panoramic paths which are vertical on the sea). The ideal visit starts with Monterosso, continues through the Vernazza and continues with Corniglia. You end the tour with a walk on the  Love Walk which connects Menarola and Riomaggiore.

 “Levanto is a little town between land and sea, where once you have been you can’t avoid to come back, and talking for everybody, you can only love it!!!” 

It is a reknown sea resort and it has a wide gulf in front of a luxurian Mediterranean vegetation.  

Levanto is set between Monterosso, the first of the Cinque Terre (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola e Riomaggiore) and Bonassola, so also the sourroundings are very charming and famous in the entire world. 

Levanto is growing and is in constant development but it keep the good traditions with very high level restaurants where the fish is the king, others where you can eat typical Ligurian food, the traditional focaccerias and the famous ice cream shops. 

Levanto and its Acknowledgements

On 6 June 2009 Legambiente has confirmed Levanto as one of the best fifty Italian Sea Resorts due to the quality of its sea, the artistic and natural patrimony of its territory, the quality of services and cultural initiatives and the variety of it gastronomic production. 

In 2003 it was assigned the Slow City Award, prestigious acknowledgement delivered to the town that distinguished itself “for the betterment of the quality of life and every level and the enhancement of tradition and territory, through research, testing, innovation and application of solutions to organize the city”. 

Levanto and the history

Already at the time of Ancient Romans there was a little villane called "Ceula", located on the hills in the same place where now is the area of Montale, which used to constitute a strategic knot of great importance based on its location along the Via Ligurum. This was an ancient pre-Romans path which developed along the cost. On 476, after the Western Roman Empire felt, also the roman villane of Ceula was dominated by the Bizantine Empire and then by the Lombards. 

At the beginning of the IX century, at the same time of the Carolingian period, the bell tower of the Ceula Parish Church, was used as the sighting tower and as defense against the Saracen sea attacks. The first mention of the name Levanto appears in 1164 in an official document by Frederick I that was assigning the villane to the family Malaspina.

The Dominion on Levanto then passed to the family Da Passano who increased the commercial exchanges especially of salt from local salt marshes.

The same Da Passano family took the first contacts with Genoa and established a strong alliance with it. 

Under the dominion of Genoa, Levanto became a very important commercial dock. 

The urban area and the hills of Levanto

After the middle age, the villane had a further and greater development with the creation of "Borgo nuovo" also called "Stagno" in the valley of the torrent Ghiararo. Such a settlement has kept its characteristics up to now with interesting buildings from the XVI and XVIII century. Also in the “Valley” new noble villas were built while the defense of the cost and the protection of the products exported caused the rebuilding of the local castle. 

From 1607 it became the seat of the captaincy which followed the destiny and glories of the Genoa Republic till Napoleonic domination. 

The Sea and the Surf

Levanto has a very clear sea rich with sea flora and fauna to be observed and photographed through free or guided immersions in the blue of the marine park of the Mesco promontory in the national park Cinque Terre.

The nerve center of the town, the sea, is free and wild and it often creates breaking sea with 3 meters waves that can be rided by the surfers. In fact in these last few years, Levanto has become an acknowledged destination appreciated by the surfers and even those who do not practice this sport like to come here to watch the show. 

Nobody knows how many waves broke on the cost without somebody there to watch or surf them but for sure those that will come in the future will not break in vane since Levanto has become and important surfing destination in the North of Italy.

The wide gulf allows the creation of waves that can be surfed, especially when there is south west wind or mistral though sometimes there are nice waves even when there is sirocco.

At the same time the sandy, mixed and rocky  seabeds allows the formation of waves of different eight and quality but many surfers consider Levanto a “big wave spot” due to the dimensions, sometime over 3 meter of the waves in certaint conditions.

This is why when in Levanto is about to have a breaking sea – both in winter and in summer – you can observe bunches of surfer on cost impatient to find the right moment to enter. 

The official acknowledgement of the surfing circuit was no unexpected and during the last period Levanto has hosted important surfing events such as “Quicksilver big wave invitational” in the year 2000 and  2001 and the “Salomon Blue Games” in 2005.

Levanto and its beach

Also the coast and its beach are an additional value for Levanto, thanks to the extention and variety of it. You will find fine sand, fine pebble, stones, quays for the hunting of crabs and both free beach and equipped one and certainly very good bathing establishments with all sort of comfort.

Here you have many reasons why you should rent an apartment at Levanto for your holiday! Do it now!