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Sant'Angelo in Pontano is a medieval city of the interland of Macerata with a little bit more of 1500 citizens.   

You arrive to this city going out of the A14 highway at Civitanova, then following the freeway toward Foligno and exiting at Macerata Ovest. From there you continue passing by the fabulous Fiastra Abbey and its beautiful naturalistic park and then going toward Urbisaglia. At this point you start to climb on a road full of hairpin bends surrounded by green fileds and century old oaks.  

When you arrive at the city you follow a road that cross it all and you arrive at Piazza Angeletti, the center of the city life.  

The old part of the city goes up on the hill in a labyrinth of fascinating alleys that hide old monasteries, churchs and terraces with breathtaking views.   

The first human settlemens on this hill are going back to the roman period when it was a little village. 

In 1245 here San Nicholas from Tolentino was born and a Church built in the XV century was then dedicated to him.  

The church called Collegiata del Santissimo Salvatore, built in the XII century, is of great interest. Inside of it a fresco attributed to Salimbeni and some fine wooden carvings.   

The Church of S. Maria delle Rose was fully renovated in the XVII century and it still has some very interesting paintings inside.  

The Church of S. Michele Arcangelo, of which there are news since 1450, contains an interesting painting of Liozzi and some other fine art works inside.  

The Civic Tower, built again in 1397  and several times reworked has three bells on top of it and a very interesting clock.  

Theater Angeletti is one of the 70 historical theaters in the region Marche and it was opened in 1883. Inside the theater the decorations were done by the painter Giovannetti from Ancona. On its ceiling the interesting portraits of Alfieri, Rossini, Bellini and Goldoni. The theater was completely restored in 2007 and today it is possible to visit it and assist to theater performances.  

The monastery of the Benedectine nuns is an interesting window on the history. Inside it two looms from the end of '800 are still working and producing fine clothes. One of the 30 young nuns will explain you how the 1500 threads of the warp are mounted one by one on the loom to create the precious works. You will be enchanted watching these nuns working at the loom. You can even buy some of their works or order something you wish to have.  

In the highest part of the town there are the ruins of the fortress and a sqaure from which you have a breathtaking view. Nearby are the ruins of the house of San Nicholas from  Tolentino. 

The citizens of Sant'Angelo in Pontano are particularly proud of their association of shotting, founded in 1884 and which has one of the richest collection of medals in Italy.   

The city also offers a guide to the old professions which are still practiced in this city such as the profession of miller, blacksmith, shepherd and smith. A tour of these places show how the old traditions are still kept alive.  

This city also has a long grastronomical tradition which made the restaurants in this city famous. Here you can taste some of the specialties such as: Coratellina d'Agnello con Uovo (Lamb with eggs), Tagliatelle con sugo di Papera (Pasta with duck sauce), Vincisgrassi (the local version of lasagne), fagioli con le cotiche (beans with rinds and much more.  

This small town is full of activities and life and it is very strategically placed between the sea and the mountains. In half an hour you can swim in the Adriatic sea and in 20 minutes you can ski on the Appennines.  

Sant'Angelo in Pontano deserves to be visited with attention and tasted in all its aspects.