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Try to go to Sicily, even for a last minute week end. And then, when you come back, try to answer the question that everyone will ask you: what about Sicily?

One of the first thing that will comes in your mind, and that you would tell to everyone, is about the Sicilian cuisine.

It will rather be one of your first memories, equal to sea sun and hospitality.

It is more than a simple commonplace. Everybody knows that in every Italian region you will eat wonderfully, but in Sicily, more than everywhere else, every bite is an emotion.

By tasting a typical Sicilian dish, you will feel all the colors of this wonderful territory, and even the kindness and care used in dish preparation, you will fell part of the tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Let’s do some examples. Let’s taste classic Sicilian arancini, stuffed whit rise or spaghetti, or the palermitan sfincione, a kind of bread more similar to a dressed pizza, the most popular is called S. Vito sfincione; let’s taste delicious pasta recipes, as spaghetti with squid ink, or the exquisite spaghetti with sea urchin. It’s guaranteed: you would move to Sicily for good!

We can not mention Sicilian sweets, like traditional cannoli, famous all over the world, and the very good to taste cassatine, and granite, only in Sicily they know how to do them properly: you will really taste a piece of paradise!

We have done it for you … and, just a little bit, even for us! We would tell you our experience in Marsala, a town in Trapani province, in front of Favignana island, where we visited “Gastronomia La Vecchia”, a little grocery store where they even cook for you. It is ran by La Vecchia family. In this nice place Mr. La Vecchia delighted us with the following dishes: beccafico sardines (with bread crumbs, pine nuts and raisin), stuffed pepperoni, Parmigiana aubergines and, obviously, “pane cunzato”, a typical sandwich. Those dishes left us definitely speechless.

In addition, everything has been accompanied by Marsala wine and by Mr La Vecchia cheerfulness.

Needless to say that Mr La Vecchia has quickly became our friend!

After this wonderful meal, we immediately understand that we would have returned in the very soon future.

So, let’s try it. Go to Sicily!

Many thanks to Gastronomia La Vecchia, via Abele Damiani 30, Marsala, Trapani province, Sicily