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Marano's Castle - Cupra Marittima (Marche Region)

The roman town of Cupra, rich of temples, thermal baths, buildings, whose vestigias are visitable in the various archaeological sites returned to the light, has been destroyed by arabian people in VIII century; on its ruins was built Marano's Castle, on which dominated for a long time the “curia” of Fermo.

Francesco Sforza pontifical delegated in Marche region, at the time of dominions, had his abode in Marano, where he lived in the palace that takes his name and also called “Del Vassello”.

The memories of these ancient places and times, remember big celebrations made by sounds and dances, while the sweet voice of Bianca Visconti, Duchess of Sforza, was charming hearts.

For a long time, life in the castle passed with tranquillity until the unity of Italy when, the down-town of Cupra was revalued, and then called Cupra Marittima after the unity of Italy, the old castle of Marano was abandoned.

In the words of the poet Oreste Ciucci, "To return to the castle of Marano is for each of us a gradual journey back like a lost swallow to the origins of our being, to savour in copious draughts the pure water of live spent in simplicity and humility with the blessed memory of never-returning childhood".